The Association Between Emotional Intelligence and Suicidal Behavior: A Systematic Review

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It is thus more complicated to generalize the results to certain groups, whilst it is also challenging to analyze the persistence of results in the long-term. Finally, only two studies applied an intervention but, despite the post-test improvement in EI and suicide risk, there was no significant correlation between both variables. In this systematic review, we have analyzed the existing literature on the relationship between EI and suicidal behavior, finding a total of 25 articles with relevant results. Although some meta-analyses have previously been conducted on the relationship between EI and different health indicators (Schutte et al., 2007 and Martins et al., 2010), to our knowledge, no systematic review or meta-analysis has yet been completed with the variables studied in the present research. Mamani et al. carried out a test–retest design study in which they evaluated the effect of an intervention on emotional intelligence and suicidal risk by using the BSSI and the Peruvian adaptation of EQ-i.

  • In reality each of these eight type-combinations is augmented by one or other ‘auxiliary’ function according to the Jungian theory whereby conscious personality is represented by a dominant function from each of the ‘Rational’ and ‘Irrational’ functional pairs of opposites.
  • This is largely dependent upon the apprehension not only of the meaning of the sacramental action but the illocutionary force.
  • If in doubt about the legitimacy of any psychometrics instrument avoid using it.
  • They see things – as we all tend to – in terms of themselves and their own own mind-sets.
  • By using this methodology we can also very usefully group the Myers Briggs® types according to their Jungian four dominant functions, which is a super matrix for understanding these theories, and for applying the thinking to team-building and job roles within teams, etc.

When using free tests available on the web check that the the terms of use are appropriate for your purposes, and certainly be suspicious if anything looks too good to be true, because it might be. If in doubt seek clarification from whomever’s source model or test name is referenced in the material. Provided that the use of a test is not serious, and is positioned and explained accordingly, then it’s possible to make good stimulating use of many and various free ‘personality tests’ that are increasingly available on the web. Most of us possess one or two dominant types, although it possible for a person to possess three types of equal dominance. The inclusion of scales of introversion and extraversion also invites comparisons with the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) , and Lumina can easily be viewed through a Jungian lens, although the model is designed to be both easier to follow and more flexible in its classifications than MBTI®. The Birkman Method® provides the degree of preference across eleven scales, and independently measures ten motivational factors.

In fact the dominant function within the ENFP personality type is N , which for the sake of this exercise we will show as E N FP . Jung accordingly arranged his four functional types as two pairs of opposites, thinking or feeling (the rational ‘judging’ pairing), and sensation or intuition (the irrational ‘perceiving’ pairing), which are often shown as four points on a compass. Katherine Benziger, a leading modern thinker in the field of personality, is not alone in suggesting Jung’s Sensation function equates to Galen’s Phelgmatic temperament, and that Jung’s Intuition function equates to Galen’s Choleric temperament. Relationships between Jung’s two other functions and the other two of the Four Temperaments are more complex and are not a direct match, although common elements do exist between these Jungian functions and Galen temperaments.

Additional explanation of MBTI® function dominance

Kopera et al. explored the association between self-reported EI and prevalence of suicide attempts . It was found that individuals with lower self-reported emotional regulation were more likely to show a higher prevalence of attempted suicide. In contrast, emotional perception, understanding, and utilization of emotions were not related to suicidal attempts. However, emotion regulation was found to mediate the association between depression and history of suicide attempts, and the association between neuroticism and suicide attempts.

The reporting style of the Interest scales ranks Interests in order of highest to lowest values. Long bars indicate a strong preference or attraction while short bars indicate minimal interest and possibly disinterest or avoidance. Individuals with high scale values tend to prefer to be engaged in activities consistent with the commonly expected responsibilities of the interest scale meaning. The scales interact to form measures of general interest beyond measures of specific interest.

Understanding personality – of yourself and others – is central to motivation. The more models you understand, the better your appreciation of motivation and behaviour. Motivation, management, communications, and relationships – focused on yourself or others – are a lot more effective when you understand yourself, and the people you seek to motivate or manage or develop or help. Arsenault-Lapierre et al. carried out a meta-analysis on the psychiatric diagnosis in 3,275 suicides, in which the results revealed that 87.3% of people who committed suicide had been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Introverts direct their dominant function inwardly , towards their inner world , and their auxiliary function outwardly . Extraverts direct their dominant function outwardly , towards the outer world , and their auxiliary function inwardly . Indeed most people will display type-behaviours resembling many of the sixteen types in any one day, depending on the circumstances.

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In 2018,Timemagazine even placed Q as one of the 25 most influential people on the internet. Counting more than 130,000 related discussion videos on YouTube, Time noted the broad reach of the writer’s theories and the prominence of his or her followers. Granted this too is a divine gift, it is still something which has to be exercised in response to the movement of God towards us. This involves an element of assensus, recognising certain things to be true regarding the person and work of Christ and the meaning of the Lord’s Supper. But it also embraces fiducia, that personal trusting in the one who conveys his promises and his love through the sacramental act. Words are used to talk to people, things and ideas ; to think ; to do things and get things done ; to display and elicit attitudes and feelings ; to provide means of communal solidarity .

Construction of the component scales

In addition to the two attitudes of extraversion and introversion, Jung also developed a framework of ‘four functional types’. Jung accordingly developed his concepts of ‘psychological types’ in order to improve this understanding. In psychoanalysis, it is important for the analyst to understand the structure or nature or direction of the ‘psychic energy’ within the other person. More simply we might say this is ‘where the person is coming from’, or ‘how they are thinking’. Logically if the analyst can interpret what’s going on, then he/she is better able to suggest how matters might be improved. As with any analytical discipline, if we have some sort of interpretive framework or model, then we can far more easily identify features and characteristics.

These events are delivered by the Association of Colleges and are free to attend. Personality theories are immensely helpful in achieving greater self-awareness, and in helping yourself and others to develop personal potential, effectiveness and fulfilment, at work and in life as a whole. Explore the personality theories featured here and any others you find that interest you. Be careful to avoid unintentionally using any tests that appear free but which are actually subject to copyright and intellectual property terms of use and costs.

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Benziger’s books (‘The Art of Using Your Whole Brain’, and in revised form ‘Thriving in Mind’) contain an excellent and simple personality assessment to illustrate this point. The benziger personality assessment relies on complete honesty when answering – if you are ‘falsifying your type’ then you will distort the analysis . Incidentally the Benziger assessment also contains a section which determines the extent to which the person is falsifying type, and this for Benziger is a fundamentally important aspect of her theory and assessment methodology. Eysenck’s theory regards the choleric and melancholic temperaments as being emotionally unstable (let’s say ‘ emotional ‘), and the sanguine and phlegmatic temperaments as being emotionally stable . The theory sees the phlegmatic and melancholic temperaments as being introverted , and the choleric and sangine temperaments as being extraverted .

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  • Carl Jung was among many great personality theorists who drew inspiration and guidance from the ancient Greek Four Temperaments model and its various interpretations over the centuries.
  • Awareness of the fact that we all possess these unconscious under-developed functions is the first step towards realising that they can be developed and used, alongside our natural preferences, brought into play consciously, where we see the need and possibility to do so.
  • Presumably due to political correctness and changing attitudes in organisations, the names of certain roles have been altered in recent years.
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  • This can be a tricky little aspect of the Myers Briggs® theory and is explained at the end of this Myers Briggs® section.

This construct includes the degree to which an individual prefers action; quick thinking; and physical expression of energy. If teams take the assessment together, they can compare the extent to which each person’s preferences complement or conflict with colleagues. For example, a team member wanting a high degree of inclusion would appreciate and respond well to a manager who invites him/her to various meetings. A team member with a high degree of expressed affection is likely to work well with a colleague who seeks affection and attention.

Top Management Programme for Higher Education – A personal reflection on a week in Sydney

In addition, two of the most common mental disorders among people who committed suicide were affective disorders (present in 43.2% of suicide cases) and drug abuse disorders (present in 25.7% of suicide cases), comorbidity being present in most cases. This programme is designed for Governance Professionals looking to develop themselves as strategic enablers. It will help you deepen your understanding of college strategy and the wider FE sector and provide a greater knowledge of the technical aspects of the role concerning regulation, handling board business, building key relationships and developing your role as a trusted adviser. Student Governor Inductions are to help students understand their role within their college board. The inductions are delivered by the Association of Colleges and Unloc, all inductions are free.

  • These are effectively two ‘type’ behaviours that combine with others explained later to create Jung’s psychological types.
  • Expecting a person with a particular personality type (be it represented by a Belbin team role, a Jung psychological type, a Myers Briggs® MBTI®, or whatever) to perform well and enthusiastically in a role that is foreign or alien to their natural preferences and strengths is not helpful for anyone.
  • In typical use of the Big Five model and tests, a person’s score on the ‘Agreeable’ scale will be an average of how they match the sub-traits.
  • These events are delivered by the Association of Colleges and are free to attend.

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Birkman also found that when these expectations were not met, individuals tended to exhibit less-than-effective behaviors. This is consistent recent research in the related topic of Self-Regulation and the attending behavioral implications. The Thought scales describe a construct concerning the degree to which an individual approaches forming conclusions and making decisions; concerns for making the right decision the first time; and concerns over the consequences of those decisions. The Freedom scales describe a construct concerning the degree to which an individual is more conventional or unconventional in their approach to solving issues. The Activity scales describe a construct that addresses preferred pace of action and aspects of style, planning and decision making.


When taken together the twenty-four qualities are displayed within a circular ‘mandala,’ a visualisation designed to be quickly and easily understood by the subject. Here is an example of a Lumina Spark Mandala showing a tendency towards red/blue archetypes, with a strong element of Big Picture Thinking . Again, scale values indicate the style of behavior, not level of ineffectiveness. Scale values indicate an individual’s ineffective style of dealing with relationships or tasks. These behaviors are typically described as ‘how he acts when he is under stress,’ or ‘how she behaves when she is frustrated’.

These very brief definitions and keywords are based respectively on descriptions by Hyde, Fordham and Benziger, all experts and writers on Jungian theory. The final column explains the pairings according to Jung’s ‘Rational’ and ‘Irrational’ criteria, which nowadays correspond to the Myers Briggs® functions of ‘Judging’ and ‘Perceiving’ as featured in Myers Briggs’® theories. Jung described these four ‘Functional Types’ as being those from which the ” …most differentiated function plays the principal role in how can i keep my netflix account secure an individual’s adaptation or orientation to life… ” By ‘most differentiated’ Jung meant ‘superior’ or dominant. The fact that Carl Jung’s ‘psychological types’ structure continue to provide the basis of many of the leading psychometrics systems and instruments in use today, including Myers Briggs® and Keirsey, is testimony to the enduring relevance and value of Jung’s work. Carl Gustav Jung was born 26 July 1875 in Kesswil Switzerland and was the only son of a Swiss Reformed Church Evangelical Minister.

The results strongly agree with those found in the literature on the association between suicide risk and EI, and the role of the latter as a protective factor. Furthermore, a study by Rivers et al. examined how emotion skills could be a protective factor for risky behaviors among college students, and found that there was a negative correlation between EI and risky behaviors such as substance abuse, among other relevant variables. Law and Tucker studied how repetitive negative thinking affects the risk of suicide. Rumination—a relevant symptom present in affective disorders—occurs due to the perception of a discrepancy between the current state of a person and the goals to be achieved (Watkins and Nolen-Hoeksema, 2014). In addition, hopelessness, perception of entrapment and lack of optimism (Tucker et al., 2013) strengthen the relationship between suicide ideation and rumination. The association between the aforementioned variables may be intensified by the impulsive use of provocative and painful behaviors when coping with negative emotions caused by rumination.

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